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Gigs, gigs, gigs…

A few gigs behind, more to come… Which is very nice! I love playing the piano! I just hope that I’ll be able to practise and rehearse as much as needed…

Gig calendar updated!

I’ve added a bunch if new gigs to my gig calendar… Check ’em out! Just click the “Gigs” tab above…

Coming home from a gig

Some beautiful landscape footage from my trip back home from a gig (I was accompanying the tenor Perttu MAthlin in an Israel-related Christian congregation in Pori) … How dares someone call Finland an UGLY country?!??!!? I put my song “Dream” as the background music, since it fits the content very well in my opinion 😀


Two more gigs added to my gig calendar! Check it out!

New SoundCloud and Spotify tabs, gigs, new projects on the way etc. etc.

Today I added SoundCloud and Spotify playlists of my music here 😀 You can see them on the right. Have fun and enjoy! And…. oh yeah, I’ve tons of new plans for this autumn. Recently I have had a few song ideas popping up in my mind (they exist nowhere yet, except as messy scribbling

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Yesterday I was accompanying Mr. Perttu Mathlin again… in Heinola, Finland… Nice gig it was… it was organized by the local Pentecostal church and it was at a pavillon of a local voluntary fire brigade… The night was filled with touching music and touching Gospel… I came home this morning and am quite tired now…

Christmas concert

I was accompanying the tenor Perttu Mathlin at a Christmas concert in the Pentecostal Church of Nakkila, Finland… Below is a photo from the interior of the beautiful church…  

Yesterday’s stage

Here’s a photo of the church In which I had two gigs with the tenor Perttu Mathlin. It was a Swedish Pentecostal church in Helsinki, Finland.

Gigs in Helsinki

Hi! Just cane home from Helsinki where I had two gigs with the tenor Perttu Mathlin. It’s now 2.22 am, and I’ve been about 16 hours up and awake, so I’m pretty tired 🙂 Maybe I’ll post something more when I’ve slept a bit and am at least a little more OK 🙂

Coming from a gig

Coming from a gig in Northern Savonia, Finland… I accompanied the singer Eija Merilä there… Believe me, this photo was taken at midnight…

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