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I’m against all kinds of discrimination.

I’m against racism or any other kind of discrimination. Period.

The terrorist attacks in Paris

I saw the terrible news about the terrorist attacks in Paris in early Saturday morning… and I was shocked. These kind of attacks are TOTALLY uncalled for and NOT needed. Many innocent lives were lost that night… My deepest condolences for the families, friends and relatives of those who were killed. Terrorism should be put

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Finnish parliamentary elections

So yesterday Finns voted for the new parliament… Because of unfortunate coincidences I missed my chance to cast my vote, but I’ll follow the politics of my country by other means… Let’s see what happens during the next four years in our parliament ???? …

Played at an Israel-related seminar and feast

I had an Israel-related weekend… On Saturday I played piano at an Israel-related seminar in the local Lutheran congregational center. I also SANG (and will never do that again because my voice is horrible) … On Sunday I played at an Israel meeting at the local Pentecostal Church… The weekend was quite interesting. Mr. Harri

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Presidential elections

The Finnish presidential elections are over and I’m relatively happy with the results. Mr. Sauli Niinistö is now our president, may God bless him and his work for our country!

Presidential elections

Today I voted in advance in the 1st round of our presidential elections, and I hope the person I voted for becomes Finland’s next president… It’s very nice to have a right to vote in elections. Democracy rocks!