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Attended a nice concert today in the beautiful medieval Church of St. Michael in Laitila, Finland… by the musical family of Lavrenchuk…

Quite a beautiful concert! Too pity that Svetlana Lavrenchuk had to be absent today, but nevertheless it was a marvelous concert! The good quality of Russian music education was audible… I liked especially when Igor Lavrenchuk performed Bach’s stunning transcription of the Adagio movement of A. Marchello’s oboe concerto with his accordion and when he played with his son Seva the beautiful Fantaisie Brillante of Jean-Baptiste Arban.

The whole family is Christian (halleluja for that!) and they want to serve God through music. The two daughters Anastasia and Alona sang for us beautifully Christian spiritual music. I liked the Alopaeus’ piece “Minä nostan katseen ylöspäin” (I raise my eyes upwards) which tells about the mighty day Jesus Christ comes back. And Stephen Adams’ beautiful “The Holy City” also works with accordion and trumpet 🙂

The family also probably had one of the best arrangements of Hava Nagila I’ve ever heard 🙂

So… if this family ever performs near you, please go and listen! It’s worth it, I guarantee 🙂


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