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Website back up again

For some reason my website was down for a while – at least yesterday. Now it seems to be back up again … which is great! Sorry for the possible inconvenience the downtime caused!


I just noticed that the LimeWire Store, which also sells my music, is currently out of service, so the link which I mentioned in an earlier blog post doesn’t work. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

Farewell MySpace

Yesterday, after almost two years of neglect, I finally got rid of my MySpace account… you probably ask why… Well, I didn’t like the new MySpace anymore. The last time I tried to update my profile was almost a year ago, and after hours of fighting with the buggy editing system I got fed up

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My new website

Hi! My new domain mikeya.net works now, and my site will be up in the near future… Soon I’ll transfer all my stuff at wordpress.com there…

22 January, 2012 01:55

Waiting for the moment when the domain mikeya.net will direct to my new site (which is under a HEAVY construction)…