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Håll mitt hjärta (Same old story)

Now here’s one of the most neautiful songs Sweden has ever given to the world… Björn Skifs’ “Håll Mitt Hjärta” on Tidal: http://tidalhifi.com/track/153953 It is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I really urge you all to listen to it!

Piae Cantiones

I just came across a GREAT web resource for early music… A person called Mats Lillhannus has transcribed all the Piae Cantiones songs in modern notation and put them as free downloads on his website. Great work, Mats Lillhannus! I guess everybody know what Piae Cantiones is? Well – it’s a medieval songbook, originally from

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Harald Andersen Choir Competition

Last Saturday I was in Helsinki, Finland, listening to the final round of the Harald Andersen Choir Competition in the new Music Center of Helsinki (Musiikkitalo in Finnish).It’s probably the best music centre in the country, and the renowned acoustics of the main concert hall is worth the hype! The competition was very high-level (a

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Video from Sweden

This is a video I took in Sweden… two windmills producing electricity for a farm in the beautiful countryside… Sweden is quite a beautiful country 🙂 IMG_0513

Gig in Sweden

Hello from Sweden! Wow… what a day I had yesterday! I accompanied the singer Eija Merilä in three separate meetings at the Pentecostal Church of Meriestad, Sweden, and I must say I was pretty exhausted! Those meetings were great, however, and I hope GOd touched people through our music… (I know He did touch people

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On my way to Sweden

I’m currently on my way to Sweden to accompany the singer Eija Merilä in the towm of Mariestad… I hope God will be there with us mightily! And I hope and pray He’ll speak for everybody there!

Congratulations for Sweden

Just read from the newspaper that Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel have a baby princess now… Congratulations for them and the whole Sweden!

Congratulations, Finland!

I know I’m a little bit too late, but I still want to congratulate the Finnish national ice hockey team for winning the World Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia!!!