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New SoundCloud and Spotify tabs, gigs, new projects on the way etc. etc.

Today I added SoundCloud and Spotify playlists of my music here πŸ˜€ You can see them on the right. Have fun and enjoy! And…. oh yeah, I’ve tons of new plans for this autumn. Recently I have had a few song ideas popping up in my mind (they exist nowhere yet, except as messy scribbling

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Some Bach sheet music

Bought some Bach sheet music… A songbook… I hope I have time to practise these beautiful Christian songs about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit πŸ™‚ …

Hymnal collection from 1702

Got this from the Finnish Literature Society’s webstore… a replica and critical edition of “Yxi Tarpelinen Nuotti-Kirja” (A Necessary Book of Sheet Music), a Finnish hymnal collection published in 1702… Quite an interesting book, there are many very beautiful hymns with very old-fashioned lyrics (the Finnish poetical tradition hadn’t developed yet and the language is

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New sheet music

I bought a new songbook recently… it consists of mainly Finnish Christian music… a must have for any serious Christian musician in Finland πŸ™‚ …