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Busy weekend

I had quite a busy weekend… On Saturday I was accompanying the tenor Perttu Mathlin in the Turku Baptist Church in Turku, Finland, and on Sunday I played the piano at the local Pentecostal Sunday service here in Uusikaupunki, and later in the evening I accompanied an amateur choir at a Lutheran evening mass in

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Yesterday I was accompanying Mr. Perttu Mathlin again… in Heinola, Finland… Nice gig it was… it was organized by the local Pentecostal church and it was at a pavillon of a local voluntary fire brigade… The night was filled with touching music and touching Gospel… I came home this morning and am quite tired now…

Christmas concert

I was accompanying the tenor Perttu Mathlin at a Christmas concert in the Pentecostal Church of Nakkila, Finland… Below is a photo from the interior of the beautiful church…  


Coming from a tour of two gigs in the towns of Kangasniemi and Hartola in Finland… with singer Perttu Mathlin…