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15 minutes of great pipe organ music

Yesterday I listened to about 15 minutes of great organ music in the main local Lutheran church… Man, that Marcussen organ sounded beautiful again! It’s the oldest Marcussen in Finland by the way…

15 minutes of organ music

Today I was listening organ music in the local “new” Lutheran church (from 1863, the older one is from 1623)… Mr. Henri Sarametsä, an organist for the Lutheran church here, gave us 15 minutes of Buxtehude… Luckily the church has a very nice-sounding Marcussen organ (a Danish organ brand) that will celebrate it’s 150th anniversary

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Easter time concerts

This Easter I attended two concerts at the local Lutheran church… The first one was a flute and organ concert. Mr. Tomi Satomaa gave us some very chilling and beautiful organ music (the “Variations on Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” by Liszt were just magnificent!) and occasionally Mrs. (or Ms.) Anna Satomaa played solo flute on

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Organ music…

Was listening to some organ music again in the new Lutheran church of Uusikaupunki. As before, it was the chief organist Ari Hirvonen who presented us some beautiful music by guys like Guilmant, Rheinberger and Vaughan Williams. And as before, it was very beautiful 🙂

Organ music again…

I went to listen to some organ music again today at 12.00 o’clock… I must say that I have fallen in love with organ music recently! This time it was the main organist Ari Hirvonen from the local Lutheran church who performed for us. I really enjoyed… I especially liked the Allegro by Johann Gottfried

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Organ music

Was listening to some organ music with my nephew yesterday (he’s staying at our place for a few days)… It’s nice that the town of Uusikaupunki has such avibrant cultural life at summertime…

Organ music

Was just listening some organ music in the new church of Uusikaupunki… This summer, on Thursdays, someone (usually local Lutheran organists) plays the Marcussen organ there for 15 minutes at 12 o’clock… It’s quite nice 🙂 I’m going to attend them all …

Concert on last Friday at the Turku Cathedral…

Attended a concert at the magnificent medieval Turku Cathedral, the oldest church in Finland… it was actually the opening ceremony for the 200th anniversary of the Finnish Bible Society, so there were also some speeches by e.g. the Archbishop of the Finnish Lutheran Church, the mayor of the city of Turku, the head secretary of

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Photos about the old beautiful Marcussen organ at the main Lutheran church of Uusikaupunki


Got today to “practise” with Finland’s oldest Marcussen organ (1865) in the newer Lutheran church of Uusikaupunki. Yayy 🙂


I played organ in a funeral today… a woman who served God as an evangelist had passed away this month… and now she’s in a better place. My condolences for her family, relatives and friends. The service was held in the Lutheran funeral chapel of Uusikaupunki. Happier news: I got some gigs as an accompanist

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