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Holy, Holy, Holy

I recorded today this old beautiful God-praising hymn tune with Spectrasonics Omnisphere… it’s such a great software synthesizer! Thank you Spectrasonics for your hard work in making such a wonderful software instrument! Here’s the link for the track: https://soundcloud.com/mikey-a/holy-holy-holy-played-with-omnisphere

Another arrangement for strings

I made another arrangement for strings… an old beautiful Finnish hymn “Mun kanteleeni kauniimmin” (Once my kantele will play more beautifully in Heaven)… composed by Ms. Kreeta Haapasalo in the 1800s… A very, very beautiful tune in my opinion… I hope my arrangement brings justice for it… mun kanteleeni kauniimmin for strings.PDF

Some nice photos from Uusikaupunki’s old church (1623)…


I visited the town of Rauma and took a couple of photos from it’s beautiful old town… I also bought some sheet music there, as you can see… I’ll definitely visit the town again in the summertime!