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Easter time concerts

This Easter I attended two concerts at the local Lutheran church… The first one was a flute and organ concert. Mr. Tomi Satomaa gave us some very chilling and beautiful organ music (the “Variations on Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” by Liszt were just magnificent!) and occasionally Mrs. (or Ms.) Anna Satomaa played solo flute on

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Nice concert

Was at a very nice concert today at the local Lutheran congregational center… The violinist Simo Vuoristo and the pianist Ole Karsten Sundlisaeter (who’s actually a professional organist but can play also piano very well) performed for us… What a really nice program they had! They began with Bach’s beautiful and famous Air, followed by

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Crusell Music Festival 2012

Hi there all you nice people! Last week we in Uusikaupunki had a very special week – the annual Crusell Music Festival was here, and it brought many talented professional musicians and soon-to-be musicians here for master classes for woodwinds, concerts and open-air events… I bought tickets for many concerts (and that was a bit

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Organ concert again

Was at an organ concert today in our local Lutheran Church… It was performed by the Dutch organist Arjan Breukhoven… He’s a great organist! And very funny too! He had a pretty interesting program (Monti’s Czardas with a pipe organ, can you imagine :))… Personally I liked the beginning most (Widor’s brilliant Toccata, some Bach,

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Organ music again…

I went to listen to some organ music again today at 12.00 o’clock… I must say that I have fallen in love with organ music recently! This time it was the main organist Ari Hirvonen from the local Lutheran church who performed for us. I really enjoyed… I especially liked the Allegro by Johann Gottfried

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