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Yesterday’s stage

Here’s a photo of the church In which I had two gigs with the tenor Perttu Mathlin. It was a Swedish Pentecostal church in Helsinki, Finland.

Gigs in Helsinki

Hi! Just cane home from Helsinki where I had two gigs with the tenor Perttu Mathlin. It’s now 2.22 am, and I’ve been about 16 hours up and awake, so I’m pretty tired 🙂 Maybe I’ll post something more when I’ve slept a bit and am at least a little more OK 🙂

Harald Andersen Choir Competition

Last Saturday I was in Helsinki, Finland, listening to the final round of the Harald Andersen Choir Competition in the new Music Center of Helsinki (Musiikkitalo in Finnish).It’s probably the best music centre in the country, and the renowned acoustics of the main concert hall is worth the hype! The competition was very high-level (a

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