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Gigs, gigs, gigs…

A few gigs behind, more to come… Which is very nice! I love playing the piano! I just hope that I’ll be able to practise and rehearse as much as needed…

Gig calendar updated!

I’ve added a bunch if new gigs to my gig calendar… Check ’em out! Just click the “Gigs” tab above…

Coming home from a gig

Some beautiful landscape footage from my trip back home from a gig (I was accompanying the tenor Perttu MAthlin in an Israel-related Christian congregation in Pori) … How dares someone call Finland an UGLY country?!??!!? I put my song “Dream” as the background music, since it fits the content very well in my opinion 😀


Two more gigs added to my gig calendar! Check it out!

New SoundCloud and Spotify tabs, gigs, new projects on the way etc. etc.

Today I added SoundCloud and Spotify playlists of my music here 😀 You can see them on the right. Have fun and enjoy! And…. oh yeah, I’ve tons of new plans for this autumn. Recently I have had a few song ideas popping up in my mind (they exist nowhere yet, except as messy scribbling

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Yesterday I was accompanying Mr. Perttu Mathlin again… in Heinola, Finland… Nice gig it was… it was organized by the local Pentecostal church and it was at a pavillon of a local voluntary fire brigade… The night was filled with touching music and touching Gospel… I came home this morning and am quite tired now…

Christmas concert

I was accompanying the tenor Perttu Mathlin at a Christmas concert in the Pentecostal Church of Nakkila, Finland… Below is a photo from the interior of the beautiful church…  

Yesterday’s stage

Here’s a photo of the church In which I had two gigs with the tenor Perttu Mathlin. It was a Swedish Pentecostal church in Helsinki, Finland.

Gigs in Helsinki

Hi! Just cane home from Helsinki where I had two gigs with the tenor Perttu Mathlin. It’s now 2.22 am, and I’ve been about 16 hours up and awake, so I’m pretty tired 🙂 Maybe I’ll post something more when I’ve slept a bit and am at least a little more OK 🙂

Coming from a gig

Coming from a gig in Northern Savonia, Finland… I accompanied the singer Eija Merilä there… Believe me, this photo was taken at midnight…


Coming home from Pori, Finland… was there to accompany the tenor Perttu Mathlin and his wife… They sang well, as always, but I played… err, not so well…

Video from Sweden

This is a video I took in Sweden… two windmills producing electricity for a farm in the beautiful countryside… Sweden is quite a beautiful country 🙂 IMG_0513

Gig in Sweden

Hello from Sweden! Wow… what a day I had yesterday! I accompanied the singer Eija Merilä in three separate meetings at the Pentecostal Church of Meriestad, Sweden, and I must say I was pretty exhausted! Those meetings were great, however, and I hope GOd touched people through our music… (I know He did touch people

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On my way to Sweden

I’m currently on my way to Sweden to accompany the singer Eija Merilä in the towm of Mariestad… I hope God will be there with us mightily! And I hope and pray He’ll speak for everybody there!

Another precious gift from the Gideons

Got also this precious gift from the Gideons for playing in their conference: a trilingual New Testament and Psalms (Finnish, Swedish and English)…

Gideons International

Playing and accompanying in the regional conference of local branches of Gideons International… what an extraordinary organization… they’re responsible for the fact that all hotel rooms in Finland have a copy of the New Testament and Psalms im Finnish, Swedish and English… they’re also delivering the Word of God to schools, hospitals and many other

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13 December, 2011 16:30

Played today at a local Lutheran center (not the same place where I practise)… accompanied and played Adolphe Adam’s “O Holy Night”… and got a delicious gift as you can see 🙂


Coming from a tour of two gigs in the towns of Kangasniemi and Hartola in Finland… with singer Perttu Mathlin…


Had a gig today… played some background music at an event in the lical Lutheran concregational venter… and performed John Wade’s beautiful “Adeste fideles”… O come, all ye faithful…

2 gigs yesterday

Played two gigs yesterday… first at the local Pentecostal Church and then with a local amateur orchestra in the newer Lutheran church here in Uusikaupunki… was pretty tired and for some reason I couldn’t sleep well last night 🙂 …

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