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Missio Finlandia 2012

Hi there again! So much has happened during last two weeks… I’ve been accompanying the singer and evangelist Eija Merilä during a mission tour held by Dr. Chauncey Crandall and his wife Deborah Crandall from Palm Beach, Florida… Quite busy and exhausting but at the same time very rewarding two weeks, I must say… We

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Coming from a gig

Coming from a gig in Northern Savonia, Finland… I accompanied the singer Eija Merilä there… Believe me, this photo was taken at midnight…


Had three gigs this weekend in Kankaanpää, Finland… I accompanied the singer Eija Merilä… Yesterday’s gig was at a local high school cafeteria, and today’s two gigs were at the town’s Pentecostal Church…

About yesterday’s concert…

So… yeah, I had a gig yesterday at the Pentecostal Church of Uurainen… I was accompanying the Finnish gospel singer Eija Merilä and playing some songs from my first album “Anthem”. The place was jammed with people, we performed quite well and people bought my album. And I believe our great God was also there.

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