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My first Periscope broadcast

Haha, I did today my first broadcast on Periscope, the new broadcasting app owned currently by Twitter… I played some music there… That was nice… Interesting experience. An ex tempore virtual concert or something like that 🙂

Gigs, gigs, gigs…

A few gigs behind, more to come… Which is very nice! I love playing the piano! I just hope that I’ll be able to practise and rehearse as much as needed…

Tango concert

Yesterday I had a very nice evening – me and some of my friends went to Rauma to listen to a tango concert The concert was part of the Rauma Festivo music festival and consisted of real Argentine tango music (well, there were some tangos by European classical composers too, for example from Kurt Weill

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Israel Houghton in Finland!!!

I’m eagerly waiting for Friday to hear the renowned musician and worship leader Israel Houghton… he has a concert in Keuruu, Finland… with his New Breed band.. I just hope that my ticket will arrive early enough in the mail (I ordered it a little bit late :)) Here’s a link to Israel’s concert calendar:

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15 minutes of organ music

Today I was listening organ music in the local “new” Lutheran church (from 1863, the older one is from 1623)… Mr. Henri Sarametsä, an organist for the Lutheran church here, gave us 15 minutes of Buxtehude… Luckily the church has a very nice-sounding Marcussen organ (a Danish organ brand) that will celebrate it’s 150th anniversary

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Concert in the Turku Castle

I attended a very nice chamber music concert yesterday in the King’s Hall of the magnificent Turku Castle… The ensemble consisted of Marjaana Holva (violin), Juhani Forsman (viola), Katja Kolehmainen (cello), Matti Kariluoto (double bass), Satu Ala (oboe), Henna Jämsä (clarinet) and Mikael Kemppainen (piano)… All of the ensemble members, except the pianist, are members

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Chamber music concert

Was at a very nice chamber music concert at the Lutheran church of Lokalahti, Finland… it was given to us by the Turku Arts Academy Cello Ensemble and we got to hear some marvelous music, as you probably can see from the photos below… I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I’d wanted to… for

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Attended a nice concert today in the beautiful medieval Church of St. Michael in Laitila, Finland… by the musical family of Lavrenchuk… Quite a beautiful concert! Too pity that Svetlana Lavrenchuk had to be absent today, but nevertheless it was a marvelous concert! The good quality of Russian music education was audible… I liked especially

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Was listening to a concert by the pianist Lauri Väinmaa and the cellist Lauri Voipio. What a beautiful concert! The concert was held in the Lutheran congregational center of Uusikaupunki and it was simply stunning! I was impressed especially by the beautiful Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven, especially by the technically very difficult 3rd movement “Presto

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Photos about the old beautiful Marcussen organ at the main Lutheran church of Uusikaupunki

Program leaflet for the concert…

Chamber music concert in the Turku Castle

I attended a very nice chamber music concert at the historic medieval castle in Turku, Finland… I was positively surprised by the acoustics – the King’s Hall (Kuninkaansali) seems to fit perfectly for chamber music… The program was this: Franz Schreker’s “Der Wind” performed by Henna Jämsä (clarinet), Tanja Nisonen (French horn), Mikaela Palmu (violin),

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Concert in Turku

I attended a very nice concert today… students from the music classes of the city of Turku’s schools had a concert at the Turku Arena with the famous Finnish a cappella group Rajaton and with a local ballet school… The show was just WOW!!! Although the orchestra had some trouble being together and keeping tune,

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Coming from a tour of two gigs in the towns of Kangasniemi and Hartola in Finland… with singer Perttu Mathlin…

Christmas concert

I attended a Christmas concert today at the Uusikaupunki Pentecostal Church… the singer Mika Karola performed there along with her daughter Anni-Kaisa as a violinist and the multi-talented Lasse Heikkilä as pianist, guitarist and accordionist… Interesting concert, I must say 🙂 …

Chamber music concert

I attended a chamber music concert today… some students from Turku Music Academy performed at the local cultural center Cruselli here in Uusikaupunki, Finland… The last duo was the best IMHO… Kodály FTW 🙂 Below is the concert program…

Mariinsky leaflet

Here’s a better picture of the front page of the leaflet delivered in the Mariinsky concert in Turku which I attended on Thursday 🙂 …


I attended a VERY nice concert today in Turku, Finland… the legendary Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra with its legendary conductor Valery Gergiev performed the opera “Ariadne auf Naxos” by Richard Strauss. As I could expect, the performance was absolutely great! The Russian music edycation is well known for its high quality, and that could be heard

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Here’s the program of the local music school’s “end of term” concert I mentioned earlier… it was quite a nice concert, the accordion players were the best IMHO… Oh, and I uploaded a new track, Resurrection, from my album “Anthem”. Please scroll down the playlist in the SoundCloud tab, listen and post a comment!

2 concerts this week

I attended at least two concerts this week, and they were pretty nice… on Tuesday i was in the neighboring town Laitila listening how the Finnish Cantors’ Choir performed Henry Purcell’s motets and classic Finnish Lutheran hymns… I must say that this choir was one of the best I’ve ever heard! Purcell’s motets are just

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