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Crusell Music Festival 2014, oboe competition

Today I was listening to the final round of the international oboe competition that was part of the annual Crusell Music Festival here in Uusikaupunki this year. It was held in the new Lutheran church in the town center and it was also broadcast on the Finnish national radio network YLE. There were four competitors

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Harald Andersen Choir Competition

Last Saturday I was in Helsinki, Finland, listening to the final round of the Harald Andersen Choir Competition in the new Music Center of Helsinki (Musiikkitalo in Finnish).It’s probably the best music centre in the country, and the renowned acoustics of the main concert hall is worth the hype! The competition was very high-level (a

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Crusell Music Festival

Wow… what a week I had! The annual Crusell Music Festival was held here in Uusikaupunki, and this year there was also an international bassoon competition. I attended a few concerts and the semifinal and final rounds of the competition. What a great festival of woodwind music! Many high-level musicians from Finland and abroad attended

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International Crusell Bassoon Competition

Today I was listening to the semifinal round of the international Crusell Bassoon Competition which is currently being held during the Crusell Music Festival here in Uusikaupunki, Finland. I must honestly say that although I am a musician, I had never heard the bassoon as a solo instrument and didn’t even know that it is

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