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Liszt: Christus Oratorium

Just listening to the great ”Christus” oratorium by Liszt. Great stuff.

We shall overcome

I played this old beautiful classic hymn using Omnisphere’s preset “Infinite Celeste”… enjoy! I just love this hymn! WE SHALL OVERCOME!

Hymnal collection from 1702

Got this from the Finnish Literature Society’s webstore… a replica and critical edition of “Yxi Tarpelinen Nuotti-Kirja” (A Necessary Book of Sheet Music), a Finnish hymnal collection published in 1702… Quite an interesting book, there are many very beautiful hymns with very old-fashioned lyrics (the Finnish poetical tradition hadn’t developed yet and the language is

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Yesterday’s “gig”

I attended a meeting in the local Lutheran “church home” (Seurakuntakoti in Finnish) of Pyhämaa, a nice old little “village” 25km north… had a terrible flu, my brain was totally blocked – but still I managed to play one piece (which happened to be Amazing Grace)… The place was really nice, too bad the piano

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About yesterday’s concert…

So… yeah, I had a gig yesterday at the Pentecostal Church of Uurainen… I was accompanying the Finnish gospel singer Eija Merilä and playing some songs from my first album “Anthem”. The place was jammed with people, we performed quite well and people bought my album. And I believe our great God was also there.

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