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Concert on last Friday at the Turku Cathedral…

Attended a concert at the magnificent medieval Turku Cathedral, the oldest church in Finland… it was actually the opening ceremony for the 200th anniversary of the Finnish Bible Society, so there were also some speeches by e.g. the Archbishop of the Finnish Lutheran Church, the mayor of the city of Turku, the head secretary of

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Another precious gift from the Gideons

Got also this precious gift from the Gideons for playing in their conference: a trilingual New Testament and Psalms (Finnish, Swedish and English)…

Gideons International

Playing and accompanying in the regional conference of local branches of Gideons International… what an extraordinary organization… they’re responsible for the fact that all hotel rooms in Finland have a copy of the New Testament and Psalms im Finnish, Swedish and English… they’re also delivering the Word of God to schools, hospitals and many other

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