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School stuff

My second semester started in the beginning of September (I study church music in the Sibelius Academy in their Kuopio campus) and so far we’ve been able to have our lessons on site… let’s see how long we’ll be able to do that…

My composition “Hymn” on an organ?

On the other day, I played my composition ”Hymn” on a pipe organ. It worked pretty well… maybe I should arrange the piece for organ?



A photo from Pyhämaa, Uusikaupunki, Finland

A photo taken in Pyhämaa, Uusikaupunki, Finland, on 19th June 2020, while I was there for a gig… Morning has broken like the first morning…

“Etherea” on iTunes/Apple Music

My newest release, Etherea, is on iTunes/Apple Music: geni.us/Lv9AAa1 Enjoy the track! I hope it will give comfort and help to calm down during these crazy times with the Covid-19 pandemic and everything else going on around the world.

COVID-19 in Finland

The Finnish government decided to end the state of emergency, although many restrictions and recommendations are still in place. For now the COVID-19 situation seems to be under control here – let’s pray that the cases in Finland drop to zero and that we can manage the possible second wave better…

Mikey A in Kokemäki on 12/18/16

Via lucis – the road/way of light

Attended this concert last Sunday at the newer Lutheran church here in the little town of Uusikaupunki, Finland Loved it! Especially the first piece, Passacaglia in C minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach’s music always moves me (well, he was a devout Christian after all) amd this piece is no exception. Soli Deo gloria! Pauliina

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Hi! And sorry!

Hi everybody! And sorry for not writing anything in a loooong time… Maybe you think that nothing is going on in my life musically or in general… Quite the contrary! I’m working maybe more than ever before lol 🙂 And that is one pf the reasons of my silence. I just haven’t had an opportunity

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St. Petersburg metro announcements with Omnisphere’s granular synthesis and a lot of reverb

http://ift.tt/2ciP0Lx A friend of mine was in St. Petersburg, Russia, earlier this year and recorded the metro announcements with his phone. I ran the recording through #Spectrasonics #Omnisphere’s granular synthesis and added a lot of reverb in it 🙂 via IFTTT

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