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My first Periscope broadcast

Haha, I did today my first broadcast on Periscope, the new broadcasting app owned currently by Twitter… I played some music there… That was nice… Interesting experience. An ex tempore virtual concert or something like that 🙂

My music will soon be available on Tidal

My music will soon be available on Tidal (www.tidalhifi.com). It may take a while though, but I’m still happy about it! Soon the audiophiles will also be able to stream my stuff through their speakers…

Website back up again

For some reason my website was down for a while – at least yesterday. Now it seems to be back up again … which is great! Sorry for the possible inconvenience the downtime caused!

YouTube Music Key

You’ve probably heard about the new YouTube Music Key service? It’s currently at beta testing phase, and available in just a few countries (Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States), but it sounds very promising… They say that all the music available on Google Play Music is also available on

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Haha… now here’s a proof that the songs of my first album are recognized by Shazam ???? Oh – and once Shazam has identified a song, it provides links to iTunes, Rdio, Google Play, YouTube videos, biography, discography and upcoming concerts 🙂 Neat!

Deleted my personal Facebook profile

I deleted my personal Facebook account this morning. The reason why I did this was that in my opinion it’s very useless. Ok, quite a lot of my friends are there, but I just can’t stand it anymore. I prefer real life 🙂