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EWQL Stormdrum 1 and an upcoming single

I bought the Stormdrum 1 sample library from EastWest/QuantumLeap (www.soundsonline.com) and installed it on my computer… I’m about to use it in my upcoming single

Website back up again

For some reason my website was down for a while – at least yesterday. Now it seems to be back up again … which is great! Sorry for the possible inconvenience the downtime caused!

Website up and running!

Got my site back up from a very old backup… so that’s why my blog posts are from so long ago… I have a backup of more recent posts too, so I’ll try to import them somehow… But at least it works now! Yayyyy!

Apologies for accidental spam

As some of you already know, I messed up quite a bit with my New Year email… It was midnight, and I was tired, so I didn’t realize to put the 400+ recipients to the “Bcc” field when I composed the message… Some of the addresses were @facebook.com addresses, and guess what happens because of

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Deleted my personal Facebook profile

I deleted my personal Facebook account this morning. The reason why I did this was that in my opinion it’s very useless. Ok, quite a lot of my friends are there, but I just can’t stand it anymore. I prefer real life 🙂

LightScribe drive

Found this LightScribe DVD drive at a local flea market, and it cost 6 €. Now I can burn some beautiful graphics to CD’s and DVD’s 🙂 You sometimes find real gems at a flea market…

Installing Windows

Just installing Windows XP and cleaning the hard drives because my old installation started to be so bloated and malfunctioning…