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Playing the pipe organ

About a year ago I got accepted as a student in the church music department of the Sibelius Academy, one of the best European music universities. I was accepted in their campus in Kuopio, Eastern Finland.

And that’s basically where my journey as a soon-to-be organist / cantor started. And I love it! I had a few organ lessons before the entrance exam with one of the top organists in this country, Kari Vuola (thanks Mr Vuola for those lessons!) And my current teacher, Jan Lehtola, is also in those ranks. (Thanks Mr Lehtola for teaching me! I try to be a good student!)

The pipe organ was (and still is) a new instrument for me, and there’s a lot to learn. My pedal technique for example is not yet perfect, but it’s getting better and better as I practise… slowly but steadily…

I also have to study singing and choir conducting, and I like those as well!

Lots of fun ahead in the coming years…

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