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Salla, Lapland

Last week I was in Sallatunturi, Lapland…

It was nice! I actually did cross-country skiing there for the first time in 15 years Smile I’m so happy that I did it. At first it was a bit difficult of course, but eventually I started to somehow remember how to do it Smile


Oh, and I also saw some faint Northern Lights there too – for the first time in over 10 years Smile Too bad the camera of my Iphone 4 is not good enough to be able to capture them. It’s not able to capture stars either (I’ve tried it before, and tried to take a photo of the Northern Lights too, but those photos failed miserably).


Here are some photos of the surroundings over there (at least the Iphone camera is good enough to capture landscapes). Lapland is an amazing region, isn’t it?


2015-02-16 15.39.312015-02-16 15.40.572015-02-16 15.55.092015-02-16 16.02.062015-02-17 10.02.242015-02-17 10.17.182015-02-17 18.46.272015-02-17 18.57.512015-02-17 19.19.592015-02-17 19.27.052015-02-18 10.19.042015-02-18 15.21.572015-02-18 15.40.452015-02-19 12.37.46

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