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Busy Christmas…

Pheww, what a busy week my last week was! Gigs, preparing a document,
practising for upcoming gigs… yeah! The good thing is that I got
paid – which means I’m able to pay my rent and bills and get some food
to eat 🙂

My December is going to be quite busy… but somehow I like it that
way! I like to play the piano and let people enjoy the music. I just
hope I’ll be able to play well enough…

Oh btw, I’ll be accompanying a tenor in a Christian TV program on 11th
December. So if you are in Finland, tune to the Heaven TV7 channel at
6.00 PM that day and listen! It is a prayer program, so we are not the
main subject there (God and His ability to hear and answer prayers
is!), but anyway…

I’ll have three Christmas concerts with the same tenor, so it’s gonna be busy…

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