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Piae Cantiones

I just came across a GREAT web resource for early music… A person called Mats Lillhannus has transcribed all the Piae Cantiones songs in modern notation and put them as free downloads on his website. Great work, Mats Lillhannus!

I guess everybody know what Piae Cantiones is? Well – it’s a medieval songbook, originally from the late 1500s, and it was compiled mainly in Finland. The Latin name Piae Cantiones means “Pious Songs”, and obviously the majority of the songs are church songs 🙂

The songs come from different countries, for example Sweden, Finland and Germany. Some of them are still in use, like Resonet in laudibus, Puer natus in Bethlehem, Gaudete, In dulci jubilo and Tempus adest floridum (which actually is the tune for the Christmas carol Good King Wenceslas ????)

Here’s the link for Mr. Lillhannus’ Piae Cantiones page: http://www.lillhannus.net/piaecantiones.html

Enjoy the great medieval treasure!

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