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Tango concert

Yesterday I had a very nice evening – me and some of my friends went to Rauma to listen to a tango concert Smile The concert was part of the Rauma Festivo music festival and consisted of real Argentine tango music (well, there were some tangos by European classical composers too, for example from Kurt Weill and Isaac Albeniz). My friends had bought me a ticket to the concert as a birthday gift, which was a very nice gesture from them.

Tango music used to be quite popular here in Finland too, and the Finnish form of tango is still widely recognized here. The Finnish tango differs significantly from the Argentine tango music – for example, it is much more simplified and conservative. Not so much interesting rhythms or chord progressions as in the Argentine tango, you know Smile

And as expected, the quality of music was excellent. The big factors for the excellent performances were obviously the excellent musicians – nothing can go wrong when Angela Hewitt and Tuomas Turriago play the piano, Petri Ikkelä plays his bandoneon and accordion and the superb Jousia Quartet play the string parts Open-mouthed smile

The concert was a huge experience! It started with the classic “El Choclo" by Ángel Villoldo, which already set the mood for the entire concert. However, I especially liked the Astor Piazzolla pieces (well, a tango concert is not a tango concert if Piazzolla’s music is not played there – he’s such an essential figure in the development of the tango music). I liked especially “Solitude” which was played in the first half and “Oblivion” which was played after the intermission. Such interesting moods and rhythms Smile Oh, and of course his “La  Historia Del Tango” was also part of the program Smile Mr. Piazzolla was quite a good composer in my opinion. A few years ago while I was at school I played the harpsichord in his “Four Seasons” which is quite a nice piece, incorporating Vivaldi’s themes here and there. Mr. Piazzolla was especially good in incorporating classical and tango elements together – that’s mainly because of his extensive studies with prominent classical teachers like Nadia Boulanger and Arthur Rubinstein.

The funniest part happened near the end of the concert. During the intermission I asked my friends why the performers had not included Piazzolla’s Libertango in the program. Well, after the successful second half comes the first encore – which happened to be Libertango Smile And the musicians played it fiercely – in a good way! It was just fireworks of Latin American intensivity and fervor! It goes without saying that the audience was just thrilled Smile

Oh well – as I am a pianist and keyboardist myself, I just have to write something about the two great pianists that played in the band during the concert, Angela Hewitt and Tuomas Turriago… Well, I know Mr. Turriago vaguely (we occasionally said “hello” to each other when we met a few years ago) and I’ve always considered him as a good pianist. Yesterday was no disappointment in that sense – OK, I didn’t like his “hard” touch so much in some pieces, but still he’s good. Really good.

Mrs. Hewitt on the other hand – wow! There’s a reason why she’s considered to be one of the top pianists in the world today. Her playing yesterday was just so deep and full of emotions! I would have liked to hear her playing more – way more than she did now Smile She had captured the tango spirit and fire very well in my opinion. Her phrasings and tempo handlings were just perfect – there was nothing to complain about! That’s usually a very good sign, at least in my opinion.

So yeah, the whole concert was a huge feast of enjoyment Open-mouthed smile Thanks to my friends who bought me the ticket!

Here’s the link to the concert program: http://www.raumanfestivo.fi/ohjelma/events/?event_id=82

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