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Russ Taff

I attended a concert by the world-famous Christian artist Russ Taff yesterday night… He had a concert in Keuruu, Finland, with a Finnish band and Finnish background vocals. It was a quite nice concert, although there were not so many people in the audience…

In recent years the Bible College of the Finnish Pentecostal movement has hosted a few good concerts by world-famous artists as part of their big events like an annual Pentecostal Midsummer conference and a music festival called Iso Soitto… They’ve had Carola Häggkvist, Oslo Gospel Choir, Andrae Crouch, Israel Houghton and David Phelps among others – today they will have The Disciples – and I think it’s nice to have such good artists perform here for Jesus 🙂

In this concert I liked his interpretations of his old hits from his time in The Imperials the most… Not to mention his cover of Andrae Crouch’s My Tribute…

So yeah, it was an experience in it’s own right… 🙂


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