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Israel Houghton & New Breed

Yeaaah… Well, I attended a VERY interesting concert in Keuruu, Finland… The American singer and worship leader Israel Houghton and his band New Breed gave their first ever concert in Finland…

What a concert! Crazy musicians and singers playing their hearts out for 3 hours almost non-stop 🙂 Wow! And all that because they want to play and sing to the Lord!

Yeah, the concert started almost two hours late (thanks to the American Airlines making Israel miss a few flights) – the band started without Israel at first, because he was still on his way (he arrived to the concert area by helicopter, by the way :)), but eventually he arrived and started rocking out :))

Man, I’ve got to say that those musicians are just plain CRAZY (in a good way!) Being able to play three hours almost non-stop like that and jamming there – not all musicians are able to do that.

But thanks to the Lord for guys like Israel Houghton! I like his attitude to worship – he said that everything they do in their lives is for the glory of Jesus 🙂

Amen to that!

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