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15 minutes of organ music

Today I was listening organ music in the local “new” Lutheran church (from 1863, the older one is from 1623)… Mr. Henri Sarametsä, an organist for the Lutheran church here, gave us 15 minutes of Buxtehude…

Luckily the church has a very nice-sounding Marcussen organ (a Danish organ brand) that will celebrate it’s 150th anniversary next year – so it was quite delightful to listen to. The organ has been restaurated, renovated and maintained very beautifully over the decades – I’d urge every organ enthusiast visiting Uusikaupunki to listen to the instrument!

Mr. Sarametsä played us three beautiful works of Buxtehude – Passacaglia in D minor (BuxVW161), Komm, Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott (Come, Holy Spirit, Lord God) and Prelude in C major (BuxVW137). I liked the Passacaglia the most… They say that Buxtehude’s works influenced guys like Bach very much, and that is obvious. One can hear similar nuances, phrases and structures in their organ works all the time…

Just compare the aforementioned Prelude in C major with Bach’s infamous Toccata and Fuga in D minor or his organ preludes, and you’ll hear the similarities.

So yeah… It was very nice…

The best thing is that from June to August there’s a 15-minute organ “concert” on every Thursday at 12.00 pm – and it’s free 😀

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