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Easter time concerts

This Easter I attended two concerts at the local Lutheran church…

The first one was a flute and organ concert. Mr. Tomi Satomaa gave us some very chilling and beautiful organ music (the “Variations on Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen” by Liszt were just magnificent!) and occasionally Mrs. (or Ms.) Anna Satomaa played solo flute on some pieces.

The most interesting works we heard were of course the Liszt piece I mentioned earlier and also the “Herzlich tut mich verlangen op. 122 No. 9” by Brahms was also great. In fact, Mr. Satomaa began the concert with this piece and ended it with another work by Brahms based on the same chorale, “Herzlich tut mich verlangen” Op. 122 No. 10.

Mr. Satomaa played also Arvo Pärt’s “Pari Intervallo” and it was… well, typical Pärt – very minimal, but still full of interesting nuances and themes and colors. If you have never heard of Pärt’s music, I encourage you to do so… it’s very interesting.

And the Toccata in D Minor BWV538a was also great… like Bach always is…

The other concert was performed by the sopranos Leena Kosola and Marja Springfeldt, accompanied by the main organist of the local Lutheran church, Ari Hirvonen. All of them are really really good musicians, as we could hear in the concert.

In this concert I liked mostly the Mendelssohn works (Prelude and Fuga in G Major op. 37 no. 2, the movement “Allegro assai vivace” from the first Sonata – and especially the Psalm 95 op. 49, which sent chills down my spine! That piece is just poignant and uplifting!) The excerpts from Handel’s oratorios “Judas Maccabeus” and “Messiah” gave us also some very delightful listening experiences. I really liked how the soprano voices mixed with the beautiful-sounding Danish Marcussen organ of the church (which, by the way, is the oldest Marcussen organ in Finland, installed in 1865).

Oh, and the exceprts from Vivaldi’s magnificent “Gloria” at the beginning – how could I forget them? I really enjoyed the “Laudamus Te”. Such a magnificent praise to God! Maybe the organist could have used more stops which could have brought much more color and interest for the pieces, but even this way it was very enjoyable.

The “Domine Deus” from Mozart’s Mass in C Minor was also a very enjoyable piece. As a side note I have to say that during my life with music I have noticed that even though Mozart as a person was a bit eccentric (maybe due to his childhood), he surely could capture the mood for religious themes in his music! The Coronation Mass and the Requiem are my favorite religious works of Mozart.

Yes, I have had a very interesting and musical Easter – you see, I have also done some keyboard tracks for a project for a friend of mine…

Below are some photos of the concert programs.


IMG_2012 IMG_2013IMG_2014IMG_2015

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