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Konevets quartet

On 25th February I attended a very unique concert… I mean, normally we don’t hear Russian Orthodox male quarters at our local Lutheran churches, but now we did. The best part of course was that the concert itself was free but the program costed 10 €. And of course the quality of the concert!

Russia has a long tradition of liturgical Orthodox a cappella music and also a long tradition of state-of-the-art music education, and we listeners didn’t have to be disappointed ???? … The Konevets Quartet gave us a good-quality insight into Russian religious and folk music. I especially fell in love with their last song, which was a Russian folk song called “Evening Bell”. What a stunning beautiful tune! (Well, Russian folk melodies are sometimes EXTREMELY stunning ????)

The voices of the quartet members fit very well together and the guys were very professional in how they used their voices (it’s obvious since some of them have mad music education in the St. Petersburg Conservatory). I loved the counter-tenor guy, his subtle nuances and focused voice! The same goes with the bass guy, he seemed to be the leader of the group (he gave the beginning notes for the other guys). His voice was also great, mighty, broad…

Oh well, what a concert ???? I also thought to go and listen to the legendary choir of the Russian Army in Turku on 27th February, but it turned out to be way too expensive (I was thinking about going there with a friend but the total cost for us would’ve been over 100 €, including the bus rides)…

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