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Urmas Sisask

Yesterday evening I was in a VERY interesting concert… Mr. Urmas Sisask, an Estonian composer and pianist, had a concert in the city hall of Laitila, Finland (he has actually lived there since last September). As a side note, the town of Laitila is a neighbor for my town Uusikaupunki πŸ™‚

What an extraordinary concert… Mr. Sisask is actually one of Estonia’s top contemporary composers, and apparently a good pianist too… And astronomy is also his main hobby…

He played his own works that were influenced by astronomy, stars and planets and stuff, and between the music pieces he spoke with great humour about astronomy and his music, mixing Estonian and Finnish πŸ™‚

I liked his works! He’s able to transform the things in space to music and to express them in very musical ways! His “Cassiopeia” is a nice happy piece. I mostly liked the works where he used the lower register of the piano, banging a fortissimo chord after another… I liked the Arabic-like theme of “The Golden Fish” a lot too… Many other pieces too, but due to me being tired I don’t remember the names…

Anyway, Mr. Sisask is a great composer, a good pianist, and I’m sure he will do a lot of good for the cultural life in this region πŸ™‚
Below is the concert program.



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