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Apologies for accidental spam

As some of you already know, I messed up quite a bit with my New Year email… It was midnight, and I was tired, so I didn’t realize to put the 400+ recipients to the “Bcc” field when I composed the message…

Some of the addresses were @facebook.com addresses, and guess what happens because of that? Facebook interprets the emails as conversation, and they’re seen in Messages. Every time someone destroys or leaves the conversation, Facebook sends a message to the sender. The bad thing is that Facebook sends the message as “reply all” email, and it goes to every email address on the original message’s “To” field – including the other @facebook.com addresses there. And, because of the fact I said about how Facebook interprets emails sent to @facebook.com email addresses, it causes a huge amount of unnecessary emails going back and forth, which causes people’s email inboxes and Facebook profiles to be filled with spam. And the only way to stop it is that people either mark those conversations in Facebook as spam or create filters and rules in their email inboxes so that the spam is deleted.

This was caused by me, so I apologize BIG time. I just intended to wish people a Happy New Year 2013, not to fill people’s inboxes and Facebook accounts with spam.

So, sorry – and a Happy New Year 2013!

Mikey A

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