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The school shooting in USA

I was quite shocked on Friday evening when I first read the news about that horrible shooting in an American elementary school. Yet another massacre too much (these things just shouldn’t happen, especially not for little kids). As a Finn, I really want to share my deepest condolences for the parents, family members and relatives of those deceased.

The most shocking thing for me was that it happened in an elementary school. The latest info from CNN tells that 26 people were killed – of which 20 were little schoolchildren. That struck me quite hard.

Sometimes after such massacres I’ve wondered what makes people go nuts and do things like this? Mental issues? School bullying? Traumatic childhood? Pure evilness? All these combined? What can we really do to prevent these? Tighter gun laws are definitely not the ultimate answer – if a person wants to have a gun, he’ll grab it from anywhere, no matter how tight the laws are. My country (Finland) has quite tight gun laws (you almost always need a permission to buy a gun, and you can’t get guns from ordinary stores) and still we have had school massacres and horrible family murders and stuff.

To be honest, I don’t have exact answers.

Requiescat in pace.

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