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Concert in the Turku Castle

I attended a very nice chamber music concert yesterday in the King’s Hall of the magnificent Turku Castle… The ensemble consisted of Marjaana Holva (violin), Juhani Forsman (viola), Katja Kolehmainen (cello), Matti Kariluoto (double bass), Satu Ala (oboe), Henna Jämsä (clarinet) and Mikael Kemppainen (piano)…

All of the ensemble members, except the pianist, are members of the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra…

It really was a beautiful concert! First we heard Mr. Martti Parkkari’s “Landet som icke är” (A land that doesn’t exist) for double bass. That was a nice, beautiful, modern and very funny piece. Funny sounds, funny moods – beautiful melodies…

Then we heard Sergei Prokofiev’s Quintet op. 39, that consists of parts of a ballet by Prokofiev called “Trapeze”. In my opinion the quintet was very Prokofievic (heh :)), and I mean that in a positive way. I mean, who could not dislike his piercing fortes and funny rhythmic and melodic motives? Or the funny and, in a sense, weird but beautiful harmonies and melodies we hear in the slow movements of his works? Just listen to Visions fugitives op. 22, his sonatas for violin and piano, or his symphonies for beginning. This quintet is considered as one of Prokofiev’s most important works, so one should go and listen to this too.

After the intermission we heard Johannes Brahms’ stunning Piano Quartet no. 1 op. 25 … do I need to say anything about this piece? It’s just stunning. I especially liked the majestic 3rd movement (Andante con moto) and the 4th movement (Rondo alla Zingarese), especially the playful piano part with these running Gypsy-like 16ths (who couldn’t like them? I’m sure that just listening to this part makes ANYBODY laugh and feel happy :)). I really liked the 1st movement too, with this tragic theme in G minor. Clara Schumann has said about this piece that “it’s a piece near to my heart! I notice myself moving gently to the world of dreams, like the notes were rocking my soul to rest”. And I second her words!

The musicians were just magnificent. I really liked the co-operation of the ensemble – it was a perfect lesson how a chamber music ensemble should work and play. I can’t pick up a favorite musician from this ensemble, simply because they were all so good and professional! Although Mr. Kemppainen’s virtuosity and playfulness in the 4th movement of the Brahms piano quartet impressed me quite much, to be honest 🙂

The surrounding was just great for chamber music concert – I mean, hearing Brahms in a 750-year-old castle? Wow! I’m DEFINITELY going to the next concert at the Turku Castle!

Below is the concert program for yesterday’s concert and a (bad) photo of the castle, taken by myself.


program IMG_1243

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