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Hi all!

As you know, I was in Sweden for the last weekend… Phew, what a weekend it was! I accompanied the Finnish gospel singer Eija Merilä there. It was actually very nice! We had three meetings in the town of Eskilstuna where we performed and on Saturday there was a dinner to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the local Finnish Pentecostal movement. Lots of Finnish emigrants attended the meetings and we had a wonderful time! God definitely was present in the meetings! Many people got to hear the Gospel.

We got there by boat – first from the harbor of Turku to Stockholm, and then by car to Eskilstuna. Swedish roads and super-polite drivers always impress me, those are things I’d like to see in Finland too (I know it’s only an utopia, but so what? :))

We got out of there by boat too – from Stockholm to Turku… back to Finland again…

It was a nice trip – I really enjoy these kind of trips, you get to see a foreign country, interesting people and hear different languages so much. I also can put my skills in the Swedish language to a real test. I enjoy that!


God bless you all!

Mikey A

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