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Harald Andersen Choir Competition

Last Saturday I was in Helsinki, Finland, listening to the final round of the Harald Andersen Choir Competition in the new Music Center of Helsinki (Musiikkitalo in Finnish).It’s probably the best music centre in the country, and the renowned acoustics of the main concert hall is worth the hype! The competition was very high-level (a youth choir from Latvia won the whole thing). All the choirs were very good, nice-sounding and interesting (my favorites were the choirs from Denmark, Germany and Sweden). I really enjoyed the whole thing! The acoustics were so perfect that you didn’t have to specifically listen to the music, you could just hear all the beautiful nuances, moods and colors and just relax! That was amazing.

The whole trip to Helsinki was organized by the Lutheran church of Uusikaupunki, which was very nice. Occasionally they arrange trips like this πŸ™‚

Next time there’s something interesting happening at that music centre, I’m definitely going to attend πŸ™‚

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