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Another nice concert

On 13th September I attended another very nice concert, this time in the concert hall of Turku, Finland… The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Pietari Inkinen, and the Finnish soprano Marjukka Tepponen performed for us…

What a beautiful concert it was! We heard Sibelius and Mahler. I especially liked the King Christian II Suite of Sibelius and Mahler’s 4th Symphony. The TFO was just perfect – I’ve never heard them play so well before! And Mr. Inkinen with his conducting, with so full of passion and musicality, was just perfect! He was conducting from the bottom his heart! I really liked the stunning colors and phrasings he created with the orchestra. Especially in Mahler! The slow movements of the 4th symphony are just stunning!

And the soprano, Marjukka Tepponen… well, she’s just perfect 🙂 I dare to say that she’s our next Karita Mattila or Soile Isokoski… The local newspaper Turun Sanomat also has a review in Finnish of the concert (the same program was performed also on Friday) and I agree with the points made in this review! Her interpretations of Sibelius’ songs were just perfect. She’s a very musical person (she’s always been, I’ve known her for a few years and have even had a chance to accompany her). I’ve always liked her “klang” 🙂

Nice concert it was! I hope I’ll attend more concerts like this in the future!


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