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Nice concert

Was at a very nice concert today at the local Lutheran congregational center… The violinist Simo Vuoristo and the pianist Ole Karsten Sundlisaeter (who’s actually a professional organist but can play also piano very well) performed for us…

What a really nice program they had! They began with Bach’s beautiful and famous Air, followed by sonatas from Vivaldi and Händel

Overall, they had a very nice program! We heard Armas Järnefelt‘s beautiful Berceuse (which is a very well known piece in Finland), Toivo Kuula‘s Chanson sans paroles (Song without words), Mr. Sundlisaeter’s own Sonata etc. etc…

I really liked their interpretations! Especially Mr. Vuoristo was great with his passionate and colorful playing, and Mr. Sundlisaeter’s playing was very delicate, colorful and musical. Yes, you could hear that he’s main instrument is the pipe organ, but still… very beautiful, passionate, colorful…

Me likes!

EDIT: I uploaded the concert program leaflet here. Nice program, wasn’t it?

concert_program concert_program2

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