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Missio Finlandia 2012

Hi there again!

So much has happened during last two weeks… I’ve been accompanying the singer and evangelist Eija Merilä during a mission tour held by Dr. Chauncey Crandall and his wife Deborah Crandall from Palm Beach, Florida… Quite busy and exhausting but at the same time very rewarding two weeks, I must say…

We toured three towns in the Finnish west coast (Pori, Uusikaupunki and Turku) and it was quite exciting! I haven’t been in such powerful Christian meetings in a long time! God was mightily present during those meetings through His Holy Spirit!

Dr. Crandall is a great man of God! I’ve noticed that some sites in the Web say something about hoaxes by him, but trust me, I know him somehow and he’s a very truthful person. He takes God seriously!

His wife Deborah is also an amazing person, she shared some very powerful testimonies with us. She’s also a great Christian person and a great Bible teacher.

Dr. Crandall has also written a very good book, “Raising the Dead”, and I recommend it for anybody who’s interested in God and Jesus!

So… quite an interesting tour, I must say. If you’re interested in the work this couple is doing, don’t hesitate! They’re amazing.




Best regards,
Mikey A

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