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Crusell Music Festival 2012

Hi there all you nice people!

Last week we in Uusikaupunki had a very special week – the annual Crusell Music Festival was here, and it brought many talented professional musicians and soon-to-be musicians here for master classes for woodwinds, concerts and open-air events…

I bought tickets for many concerts (and that was a bit expensive, I admit :)) …

I really enjoyed the week, although for some reason I was a little bit too stressed or something and I couldn’t enjoy the music as much as I wanted… but anyhow, I had nice moments listening! Especially at the last concert yesterday where the Finnnish soprano Soile Isokoski sang Schubert’s "Nacht und träume" – that gave me chills! Heg huge voice just filled the whole church with so much passion and really blew it out! For real! Mr. Jouni Kaipainen’s arrangements and orchestrations really gave extra meaning for Schubert’s beautiful Lieder!

And I also liked the first concert of the festival which was on last Monday, especially right after the intermission when the barytone Jussi Lehtipuu sang Schumann’s Dichterliebe op. 48 with Kiril Kozlovsky at the piano… I really enjoyed Lehtipuu’s colorful interpretations and Kozlovsky’s delightful playing! He also accompanied some of the student concerts later on the week and I really enjoyed them too. So many talented soon-to-be woodwind experts there!

And on Wednesday we got to hear Messiaen’s stunning "Quatuor pour le Fin du Temps", Quartett for the End of Time. The last movement, Praise to the Immortality of Jesus, is simply stunning! Ralph Manno at the clarinet, Corrado Bolsi at the violin, Amparo Lacruz at the cello and Emili Brugalla at the piano gave us a stunning moment of pure music in the beautiful old Lutheran church of Uusikaupunki!

As you can imagine, I really had an enjoyable week 🙂 Next year I’m going to attend the Festival too…

Below are some photos…

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