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Organ concert again

Was at an organ concert today in our local Lutheran Church… It was performed by the Dutch organist Arjan Breukhoven…

He’s a great organist! And very funny too! He had a pretty interesting program (Monti’s Czardas with a pipe organ, can you imagine :))…

Personally I liked the beginning most (Widor’s brilliant Toccata, some Bach, and then a very beautiful setting to the old hymn “Vater unsrer im Himmelreich”). OK, the next pieces were great too, but I must still say that it was pretty odd to hear musical songs like The Phantom of the Opera at a church…

He also improvised a little bit at the end, and that was great too. As an encore he improvised to the themes of Finlandia by Jean Sibelius and then our national anthem “Maamme” (Our land)….

It was an interesting concert, and although I couldn’t concentrate much on enjoying the music, I still liked it! Very much!

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