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Easter meeting and organ concert

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while… I’ve had some issues with the email address I use to blog my posts to… as well as the plugin which grabs the emails… So…

Sorry for that. Anyway… I try to post about the things I tried to email earlier…

On April 8th I played piano at an Easter meeting in our local Pentecostal church and after that I attended an organ concert at a local Lutheran church, held by mr. Juhani Romppanen…

The message for this day is very clear: Jesus Christ is risen! This is a wonderful truth. Mr. Vesa Leinonen taught us very clearly today in the Pentecostal church about this truth.

The concert was very nice too. I especially liked Mendelssohn’s Sonata in D minor Op. 65/6, which is a STUNNING piece! I fell in love with it! And Vierne’s Organ Symphony No. 3 in F sharp minor Op. 28 – majestic!

Nice day, nice music, nice preaching with an important message! 🙂

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