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Farewell MySpace

Yesterday, after almost two years of neglect, I finally got rid of my MySpace account… you probably ask why…

Well, I didn’t like the new MySpace anymore. The last time I tried to update my profile was almost a year ago, and after hours of fighting with the buggy editing system I got fed up with it.

Not to mention the current layout and interface: ugliness in it’s purest form.

And I think it’s not a great service for independent musicians anymore. I mean, the comment sections of musicians are filled up with other musicians trying to “promote” their stuff by spamming here and here, and the friend add system… well, when a person sends a friend request, he/she gets AUTOMATICALLY added as a friend without me even knowing it… and I don’t like that at all… In the past I was able to manually approve the friend requests, but not anymore…

Back in 2007 when I joined MySpace, it was a great service, but sadly it got bloated and ruined. So, farewell MySpace, and hello SoundCloud!

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