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Chamber music concert in the Turku Castle

I attended a very nice chamber music concert at the historic medieval castle in Turku, Finland… I was positively surprised by the acoustics – the King’s Hall (Kuninkaansali) seems to fit perfectly for chamber music…

The program was this:

Franz Schreker’s “Der Wind” performed by Henna Jämsä (clarinet), Tanja Nisonen (French horn), Mikaela Palmu (violin), Eija Huhtala (cello) and Sonja Fräki (piano)

Debussy’s “String Quartet op. 10 in G minor” performed by Mikaela Palmu ( violin), Juha Viljanen (violin), Oleg Larionov (viola) and Eija Huhtala (cello)


Carl Reinecke’s “Trio for clarinet, French horn and piano in B flat major, op. 274” performed by Henna Jämsä (clarinet), Tanja Nisonen (French horn) and Sonja Fräki (piano)


For some reason I couldn’t concentrate on Schreker’s music. I realized, though, that the musicians performed it beautifully, and the moments I was able to catch were astounding.

Debussy was quite another story – it simply blew me away! In general, I’ve always liked Debussy’s music because it is so expressive and full of beautifully changing colors, images and moods. Regarding this quartet, the lively 2nd movement and the expressive 3rd movement took me to a whole another world – those beautiful and joyful passages, interesting harmonies, melodies, colors, moods… and the beautiful acoustics of the hall seems to be perfect especially for a string quartet…

Reinecke was not bad either. I like how he has created interesting and nice colors by combining three so different instruments. Together they form an interesting soundscape.

My conclusion is that this concert was worth attending! What wonderful musicians does the Turku Philharmonic Orchestra have, and what beautiful and stunning music have those great masters composed for us to enjoy!

“Musica donum Dei” – music is a gift of God. Really!

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