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Concert in the Archangel Michael’s church in Turku

I attended a VERY beautiful concert yesterday in Turku, Finland… At first there was Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 performed by cembalist Ville Urponen, flautist Anne Eirola, violinist Juha-Pekka Vikman and the Ars Musica Chamber Orchestra… and then, there was Mozart’s famous and beautiful Requiem (the reason I attended that concert) performed by the soprano Hanna-Leena Haapamäki, alto Essi Luttinen, tenor Mikko Salakari, bass Nicholas Söderlund, Turku Cathedral Choir and Ars Musica Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Timo Lehtovaara…

The whole evening was just marvellous! Two beautiful pieces in the beautiful Archangel Michael’s church of Turku, played beautifully by talented musicians… what can go wrong? Nothing! The Brandenburg Concerto was so lovely and playful… I fell in love with it… and the Requiem… well, everybody knows that it’s a masterpiece 🙂 …

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