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Concert on Monday and a new book in my bookshelf

I attended a very nice concert on Monday evening… The Finnish pianist Anne Kauppi had a concert in the Cultural Center “Cruselli” here in Uusikaupunki… She had a really demanding program, and she absolutely succeeded in it! A few times she had to correct some flaws, but who wouldn’t with such a program? She played for example ALL of Chopin’s etudes from Op. 10, which is something I really admire. I scanned her concert programme for you to see, so you can’t accuse me of lying! I also took a photo of me showing the first page of the program leaflet. If you ever see or hear that Mrs. Kauppi is having a concert near you, I recommend you to go and listen to her!

I also ordered a new book from Amazon – Paul Gilreath’s “The Guide to MIDI Orchestration”. At first I didn’t have any idea about it, but just a while ago I started to read it and I’m impressed. I’m sure the book will help me tremendously with my own future projects! Below you can see a photo of that book lying on my bed xD…

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