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Today’s concert

I attended a nice concert today (again)… a pianist who happened to study in the same music polytechnic as me (Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences) had a preparatory concert at the local Lutheran church center here in Uusikaupunki, so of course I had to go and enjoy her playing. (Partly it was a chamber music concert too, because after intermission she played Prokofiev’s Sonata in F minor op. 80 with her long-time violinist partner who also had studied at the same Jyväskylä polytechnic).

Nice concert, and good performers. The pianist will have a big exam after a month, and the violinist also plays there (they play the same program as today), and I wish them all good and hope they’ll enjoy playing for the jury as much as today for us! The pianist will DEFINITELY get an excellent grade!

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