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Trip to Turku

Decided to make a 70km trip to Turku today by bus… you know, the town that shares the title of European Capital of Culture 2011 with Tallinn, Estonia… it was pretty windy there and I hope I didn’t catch cold…

Partly it’s a very beautiful town, and partly it isn’t. The surviving pre-1950s buildings are very beautiful, but those built after 1950s are not, unfortunately. In the worst cases those post-1950s Soviet- and DDR-looking concrete blocks replaced older, but much more beautiful buildings… there was some corruption and other shady business between officials and construction companies involved… you know, those cases with old beautiful wooden houses from 1830s or something mysteriously burning down and not-so-surprisingly some construction company building a new DDR-style block of flats on that site…

Anyway, I explored some of the town’s music stores and bought some sheet music. Pretty expensive stuff there, next time I’öö definitely check Amazon.com if sheet music is cheaper there. Nevertheless, I bought Bach’s Das Wohltemperiertes Klavier II and Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. I also bought Debussy’s Preludes Book II and Chopin’s 24 Preludes (Paderewski edition). Pretty nice to own them, now I only need to start to practise some pieces from them!!!

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