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Sibelius, Liszt and Tchaikovsky…

The Finnish mezzo-soprano Laura Nykänen and pianist Ilkka Paananen had a Lied concert in the cultural center “Cruselli” of Uusikaupunki… what a great concert, I must say! They performed some Sibelius, Liszt and Tchaikovsky, and made me realize again how great their music is! I especially loved the duo’s soulful interpretations of Liszt’s “Oh! quand je dors” and “Enfant, si j’etais roi”. I really love Laura’s rich and expressive voice and her perfect technique. And Ilkka’s pianissimos were remarkable – I really hope I’ll be able to play such quiet, but expressive pianissimos some day!

I have always thought that great musicians can make the music go deep to the listener’s soul, and after this concert I think I’m at the right track with my thoughts. It’s also essential for any musician to be able to feel every single note, phrase, dynamic, tone or expression with their soul. These two can surely do that! I love that

The information on those linked pages is available only in Finnish, as I couldn’t find anything about them in English. Sorry for that!

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