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Jukka Linkola’s “Robin Hood”

Yesterday I noticed an announcement that the Finnish national broadcasting company YLE will have a live broadcast from the Finnish National Opera. Guess if I became curious? I’m nowadays a HUGE fan of classical music 🙂 … The Finnish multi-talented composer Jukka Linkola had composed an opera about Robin Hood and it was broadcasted both on national TV and internet.

The libretto (which was written by Jukka Virtanen) was pretty much basic. It just told the same old story that is already told in numerous books, movies etc. etc. But Mr. Linkola’s music… well, he is a talented man, and has lots of experience in the field of music, and that could be heard and seen 🙂 I also loved the characters, especially Robin, Marian and that fat sheriff who obviously had some issues with alcohol 😀 … Well, it’s quite a funny opera, and it would be nice to hear some comments by native Britons who have seen it…

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